rebecca and her family

When Rebecca and her husband first decided to start trying for a baby, they struggled to become pregnant. Ultimately, she learned she had PCOS and irregular cycles. After seeing an advertisement on social media, Rebecca immediately decided to try OvuSense, and she wasn’t disappointed – she quickly learned more information about her cycles, and that she wasn’t ovulating every month. By tracking her cycles with OvuSense, and with some help from medication, Rebecca was thrilled to finally become pregnant and later grow her family. Keep reading to learn more about Rebecca’s story in her own words.

A Bit About Rebecca

Hi, I’m Rebecca and I’m 38 years old, and my partner John is 40. We have been together for nearly 10 years. After two or three years together, we decided we wanted to start a family together. Unfortunately, we tried for a while and nothing was happening. Then, in 2017, I reached out to my doctor and was sent for some testing.

After some investigation, I was diagnosed with PCOS and subsequently put on metformin to help with this. My periods were always irregular for as long as I remember, but I had no idea this was the cause. I was referred to a fertility team, but due to my BMI being over 35 (it was 42 at the time), I was not offered any additional treatment or testing until my BMI was at or below 35. Determined to find answers, I began to lose weight.

Learning More About Her Cycles

I first discovered OvuSense in early 2019 after seeing an advertisement on social media. I had no idea when or if I ovulated, so I ordered my starter kit and subscription right away. Straight away, OvuSense taught me so much about my cycles – some months I didn’t ovulate and some months I did. When I did ovulate, it would often be late in my cycle!

A few months later, my BMI was 36 and my doctor agreed that I could go for a HyCoSy procedure, which checks for any blockages in the fallopian tubes. Luckily, all was fine.

rebecca's ovusense chart

Two BFPs & A Healthy Baby Boy

By June of 2019 after the HyCoSy, OvuSense detected I had ovulated on day 27 of my cycle. After trying this month, I got my first BFP! I was elated and thought how lucky we were to not have to go through any more treatment – it had worked! Sadly, just four weeks later I had an early miscarriage.

The next month, my fertility doctor prescribed clomid for a few cycles. Unfortunately, OvuSense didn’t detect any ovulation this time. I had awful side effects from it, too. After a discussion with my doctor about the side effects, he agreed to try a different medication called Letrozole. On my next cycle, I used OvuSense together with Letrozole. On day 19 of that cycle, I ovulated, and after eight days post-ovulation, I got my second BFP! Fast forward to July 2020 – I gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Completing Our Family

In August 2021, we were ready to try again for another baby. My cycles were all over the place again, and I had put a lot of weight on, so I wasn’t able to get any Letrozole until I brought my BMI back down. After falling pregnant in March 2022, we sadly had another miscarriage. This time, it was much later – at 16 weeks pregnant on June 22nd, 2022, I gave birth to a sleeping tiny baby boy.

Fast forward again to later on that year, we used Letrozole alongside OvuSense. Once again, on day 19 of that cycle, I ovulated. Then, after 11 days post-ovulation, I got my fourth BFP! On July 24th, 2023, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Our family is now complete.

Why Rebecca Recommends OvuSense

Without OvuSense, I would never have learned what I now know about my body and my cycles, even without the medicated cycles. I’m so glad I discovered OvuSense, as I truly don’t think I would have fallen pregnant without it. It helped us time our baby dancing at the right times when I was ovulating, and now 19 is our lucky number!

I would recommend OvuSense to anyone struggling with TTC. Every penny spent on OvuSense was definitely worth it to enable me to have a family I’ve always wanted.