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Why choose OvuSense?

Whatever your cycle type, OvuSense provides the answers you need, to maximize your chance of getting pregnant.

OvuSense predicts your ovulation 24 hours in advance using information from your current cycle. It does this more accurately than ovulation predictor kits or monitors.*

It then confirms the exact date of ovulation with 99% accuracy. No other home based test or monitor is able to do this.*

OvuSense is clinically proven to correctly identify up to 5 more days when you can get pregnant in every cycle than other devices. That means OvuSense could help you save up to 15 months trying to conceive.*

Take control of your fertility and choose OvuSense today.

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How does it work?

Insert the OvuCore sensor in your vagina each night, take it out in the morning and download to our free OvuSense App. The OvuSense App then provides a real time chart and clear fertility messages.

The OvuSense App also allows you to track everything else that's going on with your pregnancy journey so you get the full picture: the supplements you're taking, your period, when you have sex, your cervical secretions, diagnostic tests, and any medications.

If you’re already consulting with a doctor or plan to, add OvuSense Pro with our Lifetime starter pack to allow your doctor to remotely screen for issues and monitor your treatment.

What does the temperature chart mean

By providing you with the picture of your core body temperature over time, the OvuSense algorithm is showing you what's happening to the main hormone involved with ovulation - progesterone. It's also showing you the progesterone level at other times in your cycle when it really matters. Your progesterone level should be low at the start of the cycle before you ovulate - shown by a lower temperature, and it should remain high after ovulation - shown by a higher temperature.

If the pattern is different from this then OvuSense tracks that too, and OvuSense Pro provides additional flags for your doctor to remotely understand how each cycle is progressing.

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Why should I trust the results?

OvuSense uses the revolutionary patented viO technology trusted globally for over 10 years. Unlike other products, OvuSense is an FDA cleared and European CE mark class II medical device. That means we have to prove what we claim through externally reviewed clinical studies.

What makes OvuSense unique?

OvuSense is the only fertility and ovulation monitor available that predicts your ovulation in real time using current cycle data and confirms your ovulation with 99% accuracy. That's why it could help you get pregnant up to 15 months faster than other devices.

Take control of your fertility and choose OvuSense today.

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